2023 Maui Wildfire Community Healing Projects

The Rainbow Fish Foundation are currently focusing efforts on nurturing initiatives that address the needs of children and individuals, providing housing, healing, homeschool support and the regeneration of nature.

Through these projects, we hope to contribute meaningfully to the creation of balance and well-being.   By collaborating with local partners and communities, we aspire to provide a space where healing can flourish, strength can grow, and the scars of adversity can begin to heal.

Home School Resource Center 

Maui Ohana Collective offers educational resources to support homeschool community.

Contact us to find out more.

Eco-Center & Community Garden Restoration in Kula

Embrace the vision of an Eco-Center in the serene Enchanting Gardens of Kula. Join us in bringing this transformative project to life.  Discover our plan to create a sustainable and supportive community, where residents and businesses can thrive in a regenerative community and thrive.

Engage with us to make this vision a reality, and let’s build a respectful, strong community, guided by a shared commitment to healing and sustainable living.

Learn more about the Enchanting Gardens Tiny Home project today

Food Forest Creation

We’re excited to collaborate with other non-profits and private individuals to support the creation of a nursery for a Food Forest, a natural wildfire prevention initiative that also establishes a valuable food resource for the local community.

Our current focus is on the creation of a macadamia nut nursery, with 50 sprouted saplings ready to be dug up Upcountry!  To make this project a reality, we’re seeking donations for pots and potting soil. If you’re passionate about supporting this cause, consider volunteering with us to help dig up these saplings!

Your contribution, whether in the form of donations or volunteer hours, will play a vital role in fostering a sustainable and resilient future for Maui. Together, let’s create a healthier and more vibrant community! #MauiWildfireRelief #FoodForestProject #DonateForChange