About US

“[the work of our times is to] bring forwards new ideas born out of persistent genius and our own unique set of instructions…”  Oracle Girl

At the Rainbow Fish Foundation, our mission is to illuminate the path to a more joyful world by transforming inspired ideas into tangible realities. We are dedicated to empowering women, enabling them to breathe life into their purpose-driven visions, whether these pursuits manifest as profound passions or fulfilling careers. Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Maui, we stand as a beacon of hope and healing. In the wake of the recent Maui Wildfire disaster, our mission has expanded, fueled by profound compassion. We have extended our outreach to support critical projects aimed at assisting those touched by this tragedy. Today, our focus is on nurturing initiatives that address the unique needs of children and individuals who seek collective trauma relief.

In collaboration with our local partners and communities, we aspire to cultivate an environment where healing takes root, inner strength flourishes, and the scars of adversity begin to fade. Through these purpose-driven endeavors, we aspire to make a meaningful contribution to the restoration of balance and well-being for all those affected by the Maui Wildfires Disaster.

The Rainbow Fish Foundation draws its inspiration from the beloved children’s tale “The Rainbow Fish,” penned by Michel Pfister.

The essence of the story lies in the Rainbow Fish’s act of gifting scales to the gray fish, enabling them to embrace their inherent beauty and uncover their individuality. This resonates profoundly with our belief that each of us possesses a reservoir of unique and brilliant creations, guided by our distinct blueprint. Translating this notion into our narrative, we are devoted to manifesting divinely inspired concepts into tangible reality.

Yet, the journey to realizing one’s purpose can often be hindered by self-imposed barriers, those beliefs that obstruct the transformation of ideas into actuality. At the Rainbow Fish Foundation, we are dedicated to helping individuals traverse these limiting beliefs through our offerings of coaching, energy clearing, and financial support.

Through the manifestation of projects that stem from the divine, we not only elevate the frequency of our world but also cultivate a more compassionate and harmonious global community. As we advance this mission, we warmly invite you to be a part of our transformative journey.


Meet Kalyani, the president and visionary behind the Rainbow Fish Foundation. With a diverse background spanning engineering, the corporate world, and the healing arts, Kalyani is driven by an unwavering passion for empowering individuals to unlock their innate divine potential. This passion was ignited by a profound personal journey, as she witnessed her mother’s courageous battle with a debilitating illness that hindered her from living a life of purpose.

In the wake of her mother’s transition, Kalyani embarked on a transformative path that led her to India. There, she displayed her remarkable ability to initiate and execute impactful projects. She co-founded ‘The Saha Astitva Foundation,’ a non-profit venture which created an eco-center, dedicated to revitalizing lands belonging to a tribal community near Mumbai. Through Kalyani’s leadership role, the project breathed new life into the soil using sustainable organic farming practices, providing farmers access to higher-value markets for their organic produce. This ripple of positive change reverberated not only through families and villages but also through the very land itself.

With a degree in mechanical engineering from Oxford Brookes and a successful tenure at a private environmental consulting firm in the UK, where she managed large programs for the UK government on resource efficiency, Kalyani has demonstrated her ability to lead and manage complex projects with precision. Her extensive experience in India, including the creation of an eco-center that received over 100 volunteers, employed a work crew of 10 individuals, and hosted farm-to-table experiences frequented by Mumbai’s Bollywood community, reflects her exceptional project management skills.

Central to Kalyani’s belief system is the conviction that every individual harbors distinctive gifts, destined to enrich the world. Amidst the complexities of modern life, many of these gifts often remain obscured. As a business owner, practitioner in the healing arts, and a devoted mother to a charming six-year-old, Kalyani not only embodies her beliefs but also channels her energies into volunteering and contributing to multiple Boards. Her multifaceted roles reflect her unwavering commitment to creating a more harmonious and purpose-driven world.


Treasurer: Teresa, a nurse consultant based on Maui

Meet Teresa, a compassionate healthcare healer with a wealth of experience in nursing and a dedicated service to the elderly for over 40 years. Teresa’s profound commitment to the wellbeing of others is evident in her extensive career in healthcare. She has diligently cared for and nurtured countless individuals, providing both medical expertise and emotional support.

Teresa is deeply aligned with all the goals of the Rainbow Fish Foundation, especially its mission to enhance the lives of individuals through various initiatives. Her extensive experience in healthcare, understanding of the unique needs of elders, and compassionate nature make her an invaluable asset to the foundation. Teresa brings a wealth of knowledge in healthcare management and financial prudence as the Treasurer of the foundation.


Erika, Secretary. A multi talented designer, gardener and organizor . 

Meet Erika, a passionate professional with expertise in landscaping, botany, and the healing arts, spanning over 20 years. Erika has dedicated her career to the restoration and nurturing of nature, creating environments that promote healing and well-being. Her unique blend of skills and experiences adds a valuable perspective to the Rainbow Fish Foundation.

In addition to her dedication to the healing arts, Erika is deeply involved in administration and serves on several non-profit boards. Her extensive experience in managing projects, coordinating efforts, and fostering collaborations makes her an essential contributor to the foundation. As Secretary, Erika brings organizational prowess and a deep understanding of the importance of effective communication and coordination.