River’s Divinely Inspired Work

River is divinely inspired to bring conscious education to pre-schoolers and kindergarten pupils.  She has created a private Waldorf-inspired school Mele’aina on a permaculture farm.  Full of creativity and encouragement in a nature setting, this early education program gives kids early access to living a divinely inspired life.

The school was in its early stages when River came into contact with the Rainbow Fish Foundation.  The school program is excellent for 3 years of education,  sometimes family circumstances change adversely and kids receiving this inspired education have to stop part way through.  River worked with the Rainbow Fish Foundation to create a scholarship fund to fund existing pupils who fall into this category.  We are starting out on our first year to support one scholarship for the school year.

Mele’aina Kindergarten Scholarship Fund

My divinely inspired plan became clear to me while I was working in an early childhood environment which was not ideal and definitely not desirable! I suddenly had an inspiration as to how I could work with children in a new way, bringing energy to the teachers while inspiring and encouraging children by supporting their creativity and their connection to the earth.
Mele’aina is a seed of hope for our future and a well of joy and connection for our community members young and old. Like all good things, Mele’aina is a blessing which I truly feel was divinely orchestrated. It continues to blossom and grow with each child, teacher and parent that comes our way.

Rainbow Fish Foundation Mele’aina Kindergarten Scholarship
Rainbow Fish Foundation Mele’aina Kindergarten ScholarshipBy River