About Us

The Maui Artists “Pop-Up” Collective was born out of a shared passion for creativity and community. It all began at the Old Enchanting Gardens Cafe in Kula, Maui, during our first sale on December 20th, 2023. A group of talented women artisans gathered to showcase their unique offerings in a pre-Christmas craft sale.

Our Mission

Our collective is more than just a group of artisans; it’s a vibrant community that comes together to create nurturing and exciting pop-up sales across the island of Maui. We aim to bring the beauty of local artistry to different locations, celebrating the immense talent and creativity flourishing on this beautiful island.

Meet Our Artisans

Rainbow Fish Foundation

Curated Maui and Hawaii gift boxes featuring herbal blend teas, bath salts, and exquisite pottery from local artisans.

Gayle Barklie’s Artistry

Encaustic signature pieces offering glimpses of Maui’s beauty through scenes over Haleakalā. Gayle’s art and woolen knits capture the essence of the island.

Nanna’s Goddess Collection

A treasure trove of inspiration, including cards, wisdom books, clothing, and jewelry. Each piece carries a story, weaving together elements of spirituality and beauty.

Maui Swan Designs

Fine beaded jewelry radiating elegance and sophistication, reflecting the island’s essence. Ongoing exhibit at the Fairmont Kai Lani in Wailea.

What We Offer

Our pop-up sales are not just about art; they’re immersive experiences. Join us for cacao ceremonies, raffles, gluten-free banana bread, and other delectables that add to the overall theme of self-love.

Join Us at Our Pop-Up Shops

Our pop-up shops will continue to occur at venues like the Old Enchanting Gardens, where creativity and community converge to offer a treasure trove of local talent and crafted delights.

Stay Connected

Be part of our community! Contact us to be included on our mailing list, and we’ll notify you of future events. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Maui’s artistic spirit.

Our Next Sale:

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